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Where do i take my dry cleaning items as soon as i have placed my order?

By using Services4 you no longer have to go to the dry cleaner to deliver your items yourself. After you have placed your order and received the confirmation e-mail, simply print this out and hand it in at the Servicedesk or reception of the building you work of live in. When you can expact your items back from our dry cleaner is also mentioned in the confirmation e-mail.

How can i pay at Services4?

At Services4 you can use one of the following methods of payment:



- Mastercard

- Visa

- Invoice


Would you like to pay otherwise? Let us know!

When is the direct debit deducted from my bank account?

If you have used one of our services and have used a direct debit order to pay, the amount will be deducted from your bank account within two weeks.

My Services4 invoice is not correct, what do I do now?

We are sorry to hear that. Please fill in here which service you have used and what exactly is wrong with the invoice. We will contact you as soon as possible.

What should I do if I am not satisfied with Services4?

We are very sorry to hear that. We strive to satisfy all our members and would kindly request you to inform us of your complaint. Please state the nature of your complaint here, including your email address and telephone number. We will contact you within one business day!

Does Services4 perform all services itself?
No, Services4 does not perform all services itself. We believe in the saying 'Cobbler, stick to your last!'. Therefore, we find the experts and leave the performance of the service to them. The selection, co-ordination and supervision of our partners, as well as the marketing of the services and the service provided by our website are our areas of expertise.
When I try to pay via iDEAL or MasterCard/VISA, the website doesn't work or I get an error. What should I do?

Does an error occur when you select a method of payment? Please make a printscreen of this error and send it to This way, we can prevent this error from happening in the future and as a thank you, we will send you a 10% discount code!


At this moment, there are two options: it may help to try a different web browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, for example). These browsers are safe, free of charge and might work better than Internet Explorer.


If you still experience difficulties paying, please send us an e-mail ( and include your order (Suit (2-piece) for example) and your data: name, address and phone number. We’ll make sure you can pay by invoice and that your suit is dry-cleaned or car is washed as soon as possible.


Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.